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New Purdue University Branch Campus Headed to Education City

By Stephanie Brooks

According to Purdue University’s student newspaper, the American university is in the process of signing a contract with the Qatar Foundation for Education to create a branch campus at Education City in Doha. This branch campus would allow Education City students to get bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Aviation Management.

Purdue University will be the seventh U.S. university to establish an Education City satellite campus. Currently, Texas A&M University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgetown University, Weill Cornell Medical College, and Northwestern University have Education City branch campuses. Additionally, HEC Paris and UCL Qatar offer programs at the thriving educational complex in Qatar. There is also talk of a partnership between Harvard University’s Law School and the Qatar Foundation for Education.

Purdue’s proposed Aviation Management program will prepare Education City students for upper-level jobs at airline companies, airports, and aviation manufacturing companies. The program would not teach students to become pilots, however. Purdue University officials are already talking to Boeing Company executives to try to open up training and job opportunities for Aviation Management students in Qatar.

The aim of Education City is to create a more diversely skilled workforce in Qatar. Education City is home to educational programs for 4,000 students of all ages. In addition to its many vibrant programs for college students, Education City also offers primary and secondary educational opportunities for younger students. Students from all over the world travel to Education City to study.

Purdue, like most of the other American institutions with branch campuses in Qatar, will allow its own students to study abroad and take courses from Education City instructors. Qatar definitely has a lot to offer these American students in terms of global experience. So, the partnership will most certainly be mutually beneficial for Education City and Purdue. Additionally, Purdue officials expect their branch campus to generate a minimum of $10 million in annual revenue.

The Qatar Foundation for Education will provide full-funding for Purdue’s new Aviation Management program. It will be up to Purdue to supply the instructors and curriculum for the program, however. Purdue officials expect that they will need to hire additional faculty members to meet the needs of their Education City branch campus.

As world-class universities continue to develop branch campuses in Qatar, we can expect Education City to continue to establish itself as an educational leader in the Middle East.

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