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RTA Human Resources holds charitable activities in Ramadan

Roads & Transport Authority – Manal Khalid: The Human Resources Dep’t, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has carried out a number of educative & religious campaigns during the holy month of Ramadan in the context of community-oriented initiatives run by the Dep’t to mark the advent of this prominent occasion.

Kawther Kazim, Director of RTA Human Resources, spoke about the campaign and said: “We are always keen on running campaigns & initiatives relevant to the holy month of Ramadan, and this year we continued our drive of collecting copies of the Holy Quran from RTA employees in order to distribute them to the needy mosques; which marks the third time running since this initiative was run two years back and proved highly successful.”

She urged all RTA employees to respond with the campaign and provide copies of the Holy Quran, adding: “Such a call echoes the standing call of our top leadership to interact and come to the aid of other individuals by various means, be it through raising funds, delivering copies of the Holy Quran, or providing food aid among others.

About other initiatives run by the Dep’t, Kawther said: “During Ramadan, we made an announcement through the intranet inviting employees to apply for a Hajj trip; where we received nominations for a number of employees interested in performing Hajj as part of the official UAE Hajj Mission organized annually by the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities. We’ve also launched an initiative entitled “Let’s Share Your Iftar” epitomizing the values of communication where employees of the Dep’t shared Iftar with employees deployed on shift basis, or performing jobs at site.”

Kawther also mentioned Ramadan Contest where questions were raised over the intranet for employees to participate and win purchase vouchers, in addition to the Cooking Skills Learning initiative designed for working mothers witnessing the distribution of a variety of specialist books in this regard.

Source: Zawya.Com – Press Release – 15 August 2012

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