Saturday , 17 February 2018
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Islamic Analysis: Science reforms need to show results

Reforms of science and higher education must deliver results to gain support of society, says science policy specialist Athar Osama. Excellence in higher education and scientific research is not generally attributed to contemporary Muslim societies. For centuries, Muslims have gone through an equivalent of Europe’s Dark Ages and have longed for the dawning of another golden age of science.

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Winner of INJAZ Young Entrepreneurs Competition 2010 Announced

Congratulations to The Fifth Wheel for winning Best Company at this year’s INJAZ Young Entrepreneur Competition 2010 which took place in Morocco. The Lebanese team from St. Joseph School took on 12 other Arab teams to win the coveted title. The winning company was chosen by an esteemed panel of judges including Sam Schamma of Intel, Maher Qaddoura of Meydan, …

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Industrial Manufacturing Sector

The last few years have seen increases in foreign direct investment into parts of The Arab World’s manufacturing sector. The huge variety of the industrial manufacturing sector allows for limitless opportunity to innovate, save costs, increase productivity and contribute towards growth. If you have ideas to contribute in any of the above areas – the world is waiting for you …

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Financial Services Sector

The financial services industry has grown increasingly reliant on advances in technology to remain competitive. Banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, investment funds, stock brokerages and government treasuries are all in need of new innovations to remain competitive. If you have ideas to contribute in any of the above areas – the world is waiting for you Visit Financial Services …

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