Data doesn’t always tell the whole story

Copyright: Marie Dorigny /Editing/Panos

By – Nicola Pearson – SciDev.Net Analysing ever-increasing amounts of data — particularly digital data — is generally considered the Holy Grail of categorising people’s behaviour to target services in line with it. This doesn’t just mean commercial, personalised marketing based on our online habits, but also, in development terms, directing policies to create and target services where they are most …

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Edible insects inch one step closer


By SciDev.Net – Andrea Rinaldi Farming insects on a large scale is no more of a biological or chemical hazard than other livestock farming, says a report by a European food safety body. The report, which looks at the potential of insects as food or animal feed, says the microbiological, chemical and environmental risks of insect farming are similar to …

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UAE participates in observing Entry of a Space Object into the Earth’s atmosphere

uae space

The UAE Space Agency and the Abu Dhabi based International Astronomy Centre has announced that they are co-organising a joint mission to observe and study the entry of what is believed to be an artificial space debris into the Earth’s atmosphere on 13 November 2015. The co-operative mission will include internationally renowned scientists from with the US Space Agency (NASA), …

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Richer nations dominate sustainability science tie-ups

sustainability science

Sustainability science is becoming increasingly collaborative and global, a recent report found, but researchers say cooperation between scientists from the North and South remains scarce and unbalanced. Publication and citation data show that North-South collaboration has increased for all countries between 2009 and 2013, says Coralie Bos, a coauthor of the report Sustainability science in a global landscape, produced by …

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Emirates partners with Oxford University to launch data science lab

emirates ox

Oxford-Emirates Data Science Lab set to shape digital transformation of the whole Emirates Group. Egypt: Emirates has launched a data science lab in a five year partnership with Oxford University. Employing a team of world-class scientists, engineers, social scientists and domain experts from Emirates and Oxford University, the Oxford-Emirates Data Science Lab will examine new ways of forecasting demand and …

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Emerging markets gain ground in life sciences innovation


New research commissioned by recently formed Dubai Science Park, written by the Economist Intelligence Unit identifies innovations that have driven development of life science industry over past thirty years. A new report, Innovation in life sciences: An emerging markets perspective, by The Economist Intelligence Unit, commissioned by Dubai Science Park, was released today identifying success factors in driving innovation in …

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Technology transfer key to developing Saudi mining and minerals sector

Dr. Peter Stegmaier

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Technology and its appropriate implementation are essential to achieving the desired gains in resource utilisation, operational efficiency, safety, and security in Saudi Arabia’s mining and minerals sector. A noted international expert, Dr. Peter Stegmaier, Executive Vice President, Strategic Business Development, Hexagon Mining, representing Atheeb Intergraph Saudi Company (AISC), recommends computerising the complete mining lifecycle, from exploration …

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Workshops finds qatar foundation’s research leadership programme a unique investment towards achieving national vision


Alumni Discuss Future Opportunities For Innovate Science And Research Initiative. Senior officials from Qatar Foundation Research and Development (QF R&D) hosted a workshop recently to discuss past experiences and future opportunities for the Qatar Research Leadership Program (QRLP). The workshop was a great opportunity for QRLP alumni, directors, and managers from different research offices and centres to share their insights. …

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du’s Dr. Mansoor Anwar brought UAE perspectives to the 7th annual Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress in the USA


Dr. Mansoor Anwar Habib showcased du ‘s wellness initiatives to intercontinental attendees at the conference. Dubai, UAE: du ‘s Senior Director of the Medical and Occupational Health Services and Head of the Wellness Department, Dr. Mansoor Anwar Habib, provided a UAE perspective to a global audience at the 7th annual Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress. In a keynote speech delivered …

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Interactive digital signage to revolutionise UAE’s healthcare sector


Waiting in hospitals can become more of an experience than a waste of time through informative digital signage: Falaknaz. Dubai, UAE: International Expo Consults (IEC) stated that digital signage is now gaining prominence in UAE’s healthcare sector. Hospitals and clinics are now discovering the need for digital signage in their day-to-day operations for reasons such as reducing waiting time, emergency …

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