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Dr. Dougbeh Nyan Wins 2017 African Innovation Special Prize Award

Liberian scientist and medical doctor Dougbeh Chris Nyan has won the prestigious Innovation Prize for Africa Award for Social Impact, according to a press release. Dr. Nyan won the award for his invention of a medical test that can detect and identify many infections in less than one hour using one test. According to experts, ‘the Nyan-test’ is easy to …

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How maggot farming might just save the planet

Two entrepreneurial brothers from Cape Town have created a sustainable system of feeding livestock but before I explain, you’d better put down your lunch because at the centre of this story is a creature with a rather unsavoury reputation – the maggot! In 2011 AfricanBrains covered the story of Agroprotein Technologies – a business founded by Cape Town-based entrepreneur David …

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