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AfricanBrains launches African Education Summit 2011

The African Education Summit is a landmark event to bring together the key stakeholders and institutions under one roof to face the challenges of maintaining the levels of both public and private sector investment. The summit is aimed at generating concrete output with an innovative agenda focussing directly on the needs of investment in education & technology across Africa. The agenda will have …

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Egyptian climate change atlas sparks debate

[CAIRO] Claims that climate change will leave 4,000 square kilometres of Egypt under water and ten per cent of the population homeless have led to a dispute within the academic community about the country’s environmental future. An ‘Atlas of Risks of Climate Change on the Egyptian Coasts and Defensive Policies’, launched at a press conference in Cairo last month (3 …

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Islamic Analysis: Science reforms need to show results

Reforms of science and higher education must deliver results to gain support of society, says science policy specialist Athar Osama. Excellence in higher education and scientific research is not generally attributed to contemporary Muslim societies. For centuries, Muslims have gone through an equivalent of Europe’s Dark Ages and have longed for the dawning of another golden age of science.

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Nanotech offers more for health than nanodrugs

Nanotech in hygiene, fake drug detection and remote diagnosis will do more for health than nanodrugs, says Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb. All countries should be planning for nanotechnology’s impact on healthcare, even if developing countries are involved in nanotechnology research mainly to find new treatments.

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‘Wonder food’ spreads to Middle East

A nutritious blue-green algae, known as spirulina, has been added to school meals in Jordan to combat chronic malnutrition and anaemia among children. Almost one in ten Jordanian children suffer from chronic malnutrition, or long-term protein or energy deficiency, while a third are anaemic, according to a survey by the Jordanian Department of Statistics (DOS) made public in March.

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Egypt: Green algae boost wheat yields, say scientists

[CAIRO] A substance derived from green algae has boosted wheat productivity by a quarter, according to Egyptian scientists. ‘Gorn 19′ was invented by an Egyptian agricultural engineer who claimed local farmers’ wheat output soared when they used it. Now, university scientists say that the substance — produced from the green algae Spirogyra — increased the productivity of the crop by 25 …

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