Monday , 22 January 2018

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Arabic content losing out to English in Middle East

An electronic exodus of Middle East youth to English internet websites in search of news and entertainment content may be contributing to a decline in the use of Arabic mother-tongue languages across the region.

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MIDDLE EAST: Online education is vital for the region

With economic imperatives rising and the demand for a more skilled workforce, now is the time for expansion of online higher education courses in the Middle East. However, there are still some challenges and perceptions to overcome. What is it about the present and future of the Middle East that creates a specific need for online education? I would argue …

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AfricanBrains launches African Education Summit 2011

The African Education Summit is a landmark event to bring together the key stakeholders and institutions under one roof to face the challenges of maintaining the levels of both public and private sector investment. The summit is aimed at generating concrete output with an innovative agenda focussing directly on the needs of investment in education & technology across Africa. The agenda will have …

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Telecommunications Sector

The Arab World has seen a massive boost in mobile technology over the last few years. Of all the industry sectors in The Arab World, telecommunications is one that can ensure strong returns on investment and is ripe for bright new ideas and innovations. If you have ideas to contribute in any of the above areas – the world is …

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Electronics Sector

Electronic engineering provides much of the technological skills that bring other industrial sectors together. The applications are wide and varied, subfields of electronics include those that deal with power, instrumentation engineering, telecommunications, and semiconductor technology. If you have ideas to contribute in any of the above areas – the world is waiting for you Visit Electronics Group

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Computing & IT Sector

The Asian tiger economies and the Indian sub-continent have shown how education, research and investment in information technology can create jobs and wealth in the silicon age. IT innovations offer huge opportunities for Arabs to reach out to the world’s most dynamic and exciting industry. If you have ideas to contribute in any of the above areas – the world …

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