Tuesday , 28 January 2020
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Garnet Education Introduces New English Curriculum in Iraq


Garnet Education, a UK-based leading developer of educational resources and a subsidiary of Tahseen Khayat Group (TKG), has signed a contract with the Iraqi Ministry of Education allowing Garnet to introduce an updated English curriculum for all Iraqi schools.

Effective this school year, the contract stipulates that English be taught starting the first grade and continued till senior year of high school. Previously, English education began in the third grade. The curriculum, entitled English for Iraq, will play a key role in supporting the education reforms being implemented by the Minister of Education and marks the beginning of a long-term relationship with the Iraqi government.

“This contract benefits generations of ambitious and inspired Iraqi children looking to build a future for themselves and their country. We are proud to play such an important role in the development of Iraq,” said Karim Khayat, TKG Group CEP, adding “The English language has become the international norm and is key to entering into the global economy. Garnet’s new curriculum has the ability to connect Iraqis with the rest of the world.”

English for Iraq comprises of course books, workbooks, teacher books, teacher resources and audio resources. Garnet has also been providing a full program of teacher training to ensure that the language pedagogy is implemented as effectively as possible.

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  1. Avatar
    Abd Alrahman Khlil Ib.

    I want planing lessons for 1st primary

  2. Avatar

    The Curriculum is great but the problem is that it doesn’t take in consideration many facts :
    1- most of Iraqi parents can’t read or speak English (some times even Arabic) so they can’t help their children at home. the Curriculum assumes that they will learn the letters at grade 1 . Most of students can’t read Arabic before 5th or 6th grade.
    2- most of teachers that teach English in primary schools are not English teachers Most of them are Arabic or Sports teachers .
    3- The time of lesson is (30 – 40 minutes) , 5 – 6 lessons a day.
    4- the Curriculum uses idioms that the children never use in every day life.
    * according to my survey 40% of pupils hardly studied the first or second unit of their English for Iraq Course in the 1st or 2nd primary grade in the past two years.

    I just with this letter would help you take in consideration these facts

  3. Avatar

    We need the EFI Third Intermediate PDF copy. Until now we don’t have it and the study year started one month ago.

    P L E A S E HELP

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