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MENA summit to rewrite the future of HR

The 5th Annual HR Tech MENA Summit returns this year with MetLife, one of the world’s leading financial services companies and a pioneer of innovative employee benefits in the UAE, to discuss latest technology trends, innovations and disruptive ideas that are changing the workplace.

With an aim to achieve workplace wellbeing and excellence and pave the journey for digitization and transformation, the HR Tech MENA Summit is expected to bring over 250 HR & IT Leaders from across the MENA region that represent public and private sector organizations from some of the most forward-thinking organizations. The by invite only event taking place on April 24-25 in Dubai, supported by MetLife as the Employee Experience & Wellbeing Partner will focus on “Rewriting the future of HR” with leading industry experts sharing views, opinions, and discussions on the adoption and deployment of technology within the HR space. The Summit completing half a decade this year will be focused on the most important issues facing the digitalization of the HR function.

Over the past few years, one of the key trends in the industry in the MENA region has been the evolution of Employee Wellbeing Benefits and programs. Millennials have a remarkably different perspective on what they expect from their employment experience. “For a workforce that values personal health and wellbeing, employer-sponsored wellbeing programs are undeniably at an ultimate peak demand stage, regionally and globally. To preserve talent, employers understand and cater to the demands of the new age workforce”. Says Andrew Stocker, Head of Employee Benefits, MetLife Gulf.

Technological advancements have also given rise to convenient and motionless lifestyles, leading to an increase in lifestyle diseases. This ultimately impacts employee productivity and healthcare costs. For the same reason, businesses emphasize their employee health benefits offering on prevention”. Andrew further adds.

Currently, digital health engagement platforms offerings are on the rise. These platforms allow employers to run competitions around physical activity of their employees. Employers have also expressed an increased interest in Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), which is another great area of focus as these programs allow employees access to confidential mental health counseling services. Additionally, these programs also increase awareness and reduce the stigma around mental health.

Providing additional insight on the same, Nancy Mourad, Health & Wellbeing Manager, MetLife Gulf further adds, “Earlier, employee wellness benefits were perceived to be a promotional tool or a set of ad-hoc initiatives. But our primary focus, today, is to be able to deliver solid health outcomes-driven solutions that leverage well-thought behavior changing capabilities as well as data tools to cater to the health needs of individuals and organizations. We also seek to utilize evidence-based behavioral economics research to craft better incentive strategies. Human behavior change is challenging, so it often requires a set of joint tactics – but it surly works.”

“The HR Tech Mena Summit offers a great platform that allows us to engage with the region’s industry experts and Human Resources professionals, exchanging the learnings and understanding their evolving needs around health and benefits.” concludes Andrew Stocker, Head of Employee Benefits, MetLife Gulf.

The 5th Annual HR Tech MENA Summit will be held to achieve workplace excellence and pave the journey for digitization and transformation. The summit is expected to bring over 250 HR & IT Leaders from across the MENA region representing government, semi-government and private organizations.

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