Friday , 6 December 2019

The Future of Higher Education in the Twentieth Century (English Edition) by Karim Al-Zubaidi is published

“The Future of Higher Education in the Twentieth Century in the Arab World and the Gulf Countries and the Prospects of Its Development (English Edition)” by Karim Al-Zubaidi is published

About the Book:

The book provides practical guideline on how the higher education (universities, higher academic studies, higher institution studies, research institutes) should and must be applied in order to meet the requirement in the twenty first century for modern development this guide as a result of twenty years teaching in different Universities and in different courtiers of Middle East as well as in the west in Britain.

About the Author:

Karim Al-Zubaidi is also the author of “Higher Education in Arab world (Iraq & the Gulf) and Middle East Reality and prospects of its development” (2016) and “IRAQ – A Complicated State: Iraq’s Freedom War” (2010)”

Excerpt from this book (in English):

“The problem of Arab States and the Middle East lies in their political systems and try to control and possessions of the country as a whole and ignore the rest of entities and groups within the same country. State in western society, America and the developed countries their aim to welfare of their people and the state offer better health and education services for their children, and these countries are racing with each other in that to access the best roads in this area. Often, they study and compare to determine superiority undertake such comparisons. The studies by those centres and bodies specialized in educational offering advice and guidance to western governments for the sake of taking them to solve their problem in any field, apply the result to reach of those countries to develop seeking in that ever areas. Of course, such case may enact special laws to put those plans and programs in place.

The law is man-made and may not be survival for decades without change. In western societies the laws in dynamic animated, permanent is change to extent the necessary of it. And are reviewed each period and if it was noted that there faltered in any area because of the special laws those laws are changed according to the need and requirements. And that includes all fields not excluded any field even the economy and finance sector their own laws be changed if necessary, to do so.”

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