Sunday , 15 December 2019
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Falcon Eye Drones Released 2019 Middle East Industry Predictions

According to the UAE based leading drone operator, AI and drones will become inseparable in upcoming years with the number of drone users tripling within the next 12 months Falcon Eye Drones released Middle East drone industry predictions featuring top trends that are likely to emerge in 2019 and its plans to further increase application of the artificial intelligence (AI) …

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IDC predicts 10 most important shifts in IT organisations before 2020

IDC FutureScape predicts 40% of IT projects will create new digital services at CIOMajlis meeting Dubai, Global ICT research and consulting firm International Data Corporation (IDC) has laid out the ten most important shifts that will happen in IT organizations over the next 36 months and will guide senior IT executives in the formation of their three-year strategic IT plans. …

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